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Valley Flora Pick-Up Locations & Protocol

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Valley Flora Pick-Up Protocol

Please abide by the following guidelines to ensure that pick-up goes smoothly for everyone:


  • CHECK YOUR NAME OFF THE LIST on the Harvest Basket clipboard each week.
  • PACK YOUR SHARE OUT OF THE RUBBERMAID TOTE AND INTO YOUR OWN BAG(S) AT THE PICK-UP SITE. Do not take the tote home! If you take your tote home with you, we won’t have enough totes to pack shares into the following week.
  • IF YOU ARE SPLITTING A SHARE, do not leave a partial share in a tote for your share partner. Pack all of the produce out of the tote into bags. If you are leaving bags of produce for your share partner, label the bags clearly with his/her name and set them to the side of the totes.
  • LEAVE YOUR TOTE AT THE PICK-UP SITE IN A TIDY STACK. Totes can nest inside one another; all lids should be placed together inside an empty tote..


  • SALAD SHARES & EGG SHARES will be kept in separate labeled coolers at each pick-up site. ONLY TAKE SALAD OR EGGS IF YOU HAVE PAID FOR A SALAD OR EGG SHARE!
  • TAMALE SHARES will be delivered on the first week of each month in a marked cooler. ONLY TAKE TAMALES IF YOU HAVE PAID FOR A TAMALE SHARE!

IF YOU WILL BE OUT OF TOWN, ARRANGE TO HAVE A FRIEND PICK UP YOUR SHARE . Unclaimed shares will be donated to a local food pantry after the designated pick-up time. There is usually a 24 hour grace period at each pickup site before food is donated.

IF YOU NEED SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS, please be in touch with the contact person for your pick-up site, listed below. We may not always be able to accommodate you, but we'll do our best.

Thank You!




Location: 980 2nd St. SE, Bandon, at Well Within Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic. Located next door to the Wool Company, across from Mother’s.

Time: SATURDAYS, 10 am to 1 pm (but items will be there until early Monday morning) (First pickup: June 7th, 2014)
Contact: Zoë Bradbury - Email  or 541-348-2180

  • Pick-up will be on the shady south porch of Well Within Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic.
  • The pick-up will be unattended. Please follow the general guidelines outlined above in order to keep the site tidy and running smoothly.
  • Feel free to park in the clinic parking lot while you get your produce, accessible from 2nd St. or off of Hwy. 101


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Coos Bay

Location: 632 Anderson Ave, Coos Bay, at the Bay Area Chiropractic Center. Located between 6th and 7th on Anderson, a short walk from the farmer’s market.
Time: WEDNESDAYS, 12-3:00 pm (First pick-up: June 4th, 2014)
Contact: Jolene Lanway, 541-260-2671 (mobile), or 541-269-2525 (Dr. Lanway’s Office). Please call Jolene if you need to make special arrangements for pick-up.

  • Pick-up will be in the parking lot of the Bay Area Chiropractic Center, inside the shed at the northeast corner of the parking lot.
  • Jolene will be there during pick-up hours to help members claim their shares. If you need assistance and no one is around, go to the reception desk of Dr. Lanway’s office.
  • Please be courteous about parking in their lot; it is an active doctors’ office. Do not leave your car parked there except to pick up your Valley Flora food.

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Port Orford

Location: 738 Jackson Street
Time: FRIDAYS, 5-7 pm (First pick-up: June 6th,  2014)
Contact:  Zoë Bradbury, Email  541-348-2180

  • Pickup will be located on the north side of the house, under the carport.
  • Please park on the street; do not park in the driveway or block the driveway.
  • If you cannot pick up your produce in the 5-7pm window, Marilyn (the host) will hold the produce for 24 hours on her porch. You do not need to call to alert her if you are coming late. After the 24-hour period, she will donate unclaimed shares to the Common Good local food pantry.
  • Please be courteous and leave totes & lids neatly stacked under the carport.

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Valley Flora

Location: Valley Flora, 1.5 miles up Floras Creek Road, Langlois
Time: WEDNESDAYS 9 am - 4 pm (First pick-up: June 4th, 2014)
Contact: Zoë Bradbury - Email  or 541-348-2180

  • Directions: At mile 1.5, Floras Creek Road takes a 90 degree turn to the right and crosses Floras Creek. Immediately afterwards you will see a pull-out on your LEFT.
  • Park nose-in in the pull-out. Please DO NOT drive into the field and DO NOT block the farm driveway.
  • Pickup will be under the myrtle tree to your LEFT after you walk through the farm gate.
  • Take care around the farm equipment, vehicles, animals, etc. Beware of open valve boxes and uneven ground.
  • Please note that on Wednesdays the farm is also open for u-pick and farmstand. It can be busy, especially in the morning!


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