Farmstand Shares

The Farmstand Share allows you to pre-pay a minimum of $100 for use at our farmstand from June through December. Farmstand Shareholders receive a 10% discount when they use any part of their credit ($100 buys $110 worth of produce, $200 buys $220 worth of produce, $500 buys $550 worth of produce, and so on). The idea is to offer a "free choice" CSA option where folks make a financial commitment for the season, like a traditional CSA, but have free choice as to what they purchase  - and when - throughout the main season at our farmstand. If you use up your initial credit you can renew it any time for any amount over $100 at the farmstand. Credits expire each year on the last day of the farmstand season in mid-December (no carry-overs to the next year). A great option for folks who are able to frequent our farmstand and who want more choice and flexibility than our Harvest Basket allows.