Vote for Solar at Valley Flora!

We are aiming to put a 12 kW array of solar panels on the roof of our barn this spring to power our farm infrastructure at Valley Flora: walk-in cooler, irrigation pump, climate-controlled storage rooms and our propagation greenhouse. We have come a long way in our fundraising this year, thanks to a USDA grant, an Oregon Department of Energy grant, a local Wild Rivers Coast Alliance Grant, and a handful of generous individual donations.

In hopes of raising the remaining balance of funds for our solar project, we threw our hat into the ring for this sustainable farm grant-making program based in California: Cultivating Change. Grants are awarded in February on a popular vote basis, so from now until the end of the month you can vote for our project at Valley Flora - "Solar-Powered Produce” - ONCE PER DAY (I know, kinda annoying and not exactly democratic, but maybe if you’re willing you could set yourself a reminder and click “vote” every morning for the rest of the month :).

To vote for us, follow the link below and then type “Valley Flora” into the search bar. Our profile will pop up and then you can cast your vote. You will have to confirm your email address the first time in a link they send you, which might filter into spam, so look for an email from Greener Fields Together/Cultivating Change in your junk folder if it doesn’t appear in your inbox.

Also, the more people we have voting for us each day, the better our chances of bringing home the solar bacon, so please share this link widely amongst your networks if you’re comfortable doing so. Thank you so much!

Hoping for a bright, renewable-energy-filled 2019 here on Floras Creek and everywhere!