Friends of Valley Flora - Web Links

A smattering of other websites to explore...  

  • Small Farmers Journal - A quarterly publication celebrating draft power, sustainable agriculture and family farming.
  • Doc Hammill - A master teamster who has dedicated his life to the art of using workhorses in harness. Zoë's beloved draft horse mentor.
  • Local Harvest - A great national directory to help you find local food and CSAs around the country.
  • The Ocean Harevest - Our friends and neighbors who offer fresh, sustainbly harvested albacore tuna and dungeness crab straight from their fishing boat in Charleston, OR
  • Oregon Grass Fed - Joe Pestana's Chickens and Beef from the bank of the Sixes River
  • Epicurious - A mouth-watering collection of free online recipes from Gourmet & Bon Appetit. Search by any ingredient or combination of ingredients to make a meal to remember.
  • Beekeeping Guide: