Valley Flora - Growing Good Food for Local Folks

Valley Flora is a mother-and-two-daughter collective nestled on the banks of Floras Creek near Langlois, Oregon. Together with the help of our draft horses, a handful of fantastic employees, one little tractor, trillions of soil microorganisms, thousands of pollinators, and 12 kilowatts of solar power, we grow hundreds of varieties of vegetables, berries and fruit to feed our local coastal community year-round. Our farm was founded in 1998 with a deep commitment to ecological and organic farming practices. We rely on crop diversity, compost, cover crops, and crop rotation to keep our farm healthy and thriving both above and below ground. Our love of the Floras Creek valley – the fertile loam and the river that runs through it - inspires us to farm with the next generation in mind, and the next.

We are also deeply committed to strengthening our community-based food system on the remote southern Oregon coast. We collaborate with a number of other local farmers, ranchers and wildcrafters to promote and distribute their high quality goods to our customers. All of this food supplies our 130-member CSA, our farmstand, local foodbanks, and a number of stores, restaurants and co-ops up and down the coast. We are passionate about place, in love with plants, and grateful to be a part of this community.