2020 CSA Season Kicks off the Week of June 1st!

Starting the week of June 1st, our CSA season will kick off for 28 fresh, fabulous weeks! So glad to have all of you on board!

It's going to be a year unlike any other - for lots of reasons that we're all aware of. In the face of so much uncertainty, all of us here at the farm are bouyed by the beauty and nourishment that the farm provides us daily, and we're happy we can share some of that with you this season. We hope that the produce in your share is one steady, positive thing you can count on each week to make you feel good!

We've been amazed by the sudden rowdy clamor for local food: people are banging on pots and pans for a Valley Flora CSA share this year, like never before. We wish we could feed everyone but unfortunately our farm is only so big, which means the CSA waiting list is long right now. We did expand the CSA slightly this season to try to accommodate more folks, which means there are more members at our Port Orford and Valley Flora pickup sites than in year's past.

To all of you who are part of our CSA family this year, we're extremely grateful for your support. It's an honor to be able to contribute to the food on your table at a time like this. We will do our very best as farmers to bring you an abundant and beautiful harvest each week.

If you haven't already checked out the details about your pickup site - time, day, location, guidelines - please do so HERE. It's important stuff and we need all of our members (and anyone who might pick up on your behalf) to read it and know it by heart to ensure that the season goes smoothly. We've been at this CSA thing for over a decade and if there's one thing we've learned it's that people don't always read :), which usually leads to SNAFUS at your pickup site. All of our pickup sites are unstaffed and self-serve, so we're depending on you to make the system work once we deliver the food to each site. You guys are part of the team: do your fellow CSA members (and me!) a solid and read everything! This email! The signage at your pickup site! The labels on Salad Shares! The weekly newsletter I'll be sending out every Wednesday starting June 3rd! Thank You!

I also want to put special emphasis on this set of COVID-19 guidelines we're asking everyone to respect at pickup sites this season: 

  • If you are ill or showing any symptoms, stay home! Send a healthy friend to pick up your produce instead.
  • Please wear a mask while you are picking up your produce, every time.
  • Please wash or sanitize your hands before handling the CSA totes and coolers at your pickup location.
  • If there are other people at your pickup location we encourage you to give each other ample space. 
  • As always, please wash your produce when you get it home.

Again, be sure to study up on your pickup site details HERE! Right now! Even if you are a long-time CSA member! There are some changes and some new guidelines at all pickup sites. 

Thank you again for being an important part of our farm this season. 

Ready, Set, Eat Vegetables!