Happy Thanksgiving from Valley Flora!

  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Celery
  • Rosemary
  • Head Lettuce
  • Shallots
  • Parsnips
  • Yellow Potatoes
  • Rosalba Radicchio
  • Autumn Frost Winter Squash
  • Cleo's Gourds!

Smooth sailing this week as we pushed through our big Thanksgiving harvest, thanks to easy weather and our all-star farm team. The delivery van has been on the road since 8 am, dropping CSA totes at the farm, in Port Orford, Bandon and Coos Bay. Be sure you pick up your produce today! One final reminder about pickup times:

  • For members who pick up at the Farm and at Coos Head Food Co-op, it's business as usual: same time, same place today.
  • For Bandon Members: Pick-up is on Wednesday, November 22nd between 10:30 and 5 pm at Well Within
  • For Port Orford Members: Pick-up is on Wednesday, November 22nd between 8:30 and 5 pm at the Port Orford Co-op (please try to pick up before 11 am or after 3 pm to avoid congestion on the loading dock at POCC)

My favorite radicchio is in the share this week: Rosalba. In the past I've described it like a quinceañera dress - layers and layers of pink petticoat. But this year, a new name: it's Barbie salad.

Wait, correction: it's Barbie Salad and it's Ken Salad (because some of my favorite men love eating Rosalba as much as me and my girlfriends). And if you haven't seen the new Barbie movie yet and are wondering what in the world I'm talking about, here's your very un-pop, very un-pink, very un-Barbie farmer telling you to go rent it this holiday weekend! Here on our women-owned and run farm, we freaking loved that movie.

To go alongside your pretty Rosalba, you have our annual dig of ugly Thanksgiving parsnips. Actually, not quite as ugly this year, and whatever blemishes you encounter are only skin deep, so get out your veggie peeler and make 'em shine! I always plug this one recipe, which has become an unshakeable tradition on our Thanksgiving table: Roasted Winter Squash and Parsnips with Maple Syrup Glaze and Marcona Almonds.

The Autumn Frost winter squash is a specialty butternut, equally well-suited to baking, roasting, or souping. It has a fantastic apple-y flavor that I love, with more complexity than a standard butternut.

And for the first time ever in the history of the Valley Flora CSA, there's something inedible in your share this week: Cleo's whimsical gourds! Cleo is my 12 year old daughter and she's been growing and selling decorative gourds for a number of years. She had a bumper crop this year and I figured they'd make for some lovely adornment on your Thanksgiving table. I bought a few hundred of her choice specimens (every single one is different and unique) to help fund her miniature donkey breeding (and feeding) project. 

All of us at Valley Flora are wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, with gratitude that you are a part of our little farm on Floras Creek. Thank you!