Week 28: December 12th

  • December 14, 2011

    The Last Week!

    This is it: your last installment from Valley Flora for the season. This week’s basket is a true testament to the possibility for local, wintertime eating. We’re halfway through December, but there’s no lack of food in your totes. We filled them with over twenty pounds of veggies – most of it fresh-harvested from the field (all but the cabbage,...

Week 27: December 5th

  • December 7, 2011


    Thanks to this recent string of cold clear nights, the kale has never tasted so good at Valley Flora. Freezing temperatures inspire all of the Brassicas – kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc. – to pump out some extra sugars. At a cellular level, this sugar serves as antifree...

Week 26: November 28th

  • November 30, 2011

    Three More Weeks of Food!

    In years past, we have always ended our Harvest Basket season the week of Thanksgiving, and then offered optional December Shares to people who wanted to continue for another few weeks of produce. This year, by popular demand, we decided to extend the entire Harvest B...

Week 25: November 21st - Thanksgiving!

  • November 22, 2011


    So it is that Thanksgiving week brings with it a tempest. Wild winds to scatter the last of the Fall colors; pounding rain to swell the rivers and invite in the spawning salmon; and mud, glorious mud, to weigh down the slogging farmers as they excavate yard-long parsnips out of t...

Week 24: November 14th

  • November 16, 2011

    Thanksgiving Harvest Basket Details – PLEASE READ!!

    Here are the VERY important details about next week’s Thanksgiving Harvest Basket, once again:


    Q: WHEN will I get my Thanksgiving basket?


Week 23: November 7th

  • November 9, 2011

    Dr. Seuss Food!

    November is upon us, and so are some of our favorite Fall foods. For those of you who are experiencing your first ever season of Valley Flora Harvest Basket eating, you’ll probably open your tote this week and wonder, “What in the $%&@ is that?!”



Farmer Loses Sleep Over Onions

  • November 1, 2011

    A quick addendum to this week's Beet Box newsletter:


    I'm a great sleeper at night (that's the beauty of hard manual labor), but this week I've been losing sleep. Not because Cleo is teething, or because the dog is barking at deer outside the window. It's because I discovered this week that our storage onion saga continues: our yellow onions are not keeping the way th...

Week 22: October 31st

  • October 31, 2011

    Hi everyone,

    The newsletter is coming out a few days early this week, so that we can take the fullest advantage of this small, late window of sunny weather on the farm. Enjoy it while it lasts!


    Feel the Love: Give Spaghetti Squash a Chance!...

Week 21: October 24th

  • October 26, 2011

    Ugly Butternuts!

    By now some of you have opened up this week’s tote to encounter some beets, carrots, leeks, lettuce, celery, broccoli, a psychedelic head of romanesco, and yes, some very ugly butternut squash. For some mysterious reason this year, most of our butternut squash developed a biza...

Week 20: October 17th

  • October 19, 2011

    Last Week of Abby’s Greens Salad Shares

    As the daylight hours wane, so too do the salad greens. This is the 20th and final week of Abby’s Greens Salad Shares. If you are signed up for a salad share, enjoy your last bag of the season!