Week 10: August 6th

  • August 8, 2012

    Week 10!

    Going Topless

    No, I don’t mean us. I mean your carrots. (Although the mercury did nudge towards eighty on Saturday, which was temptation aplenty to shed the shirt – were it not for the steady flow of rock truck drivers hauli...

Week 9: July 30th

  • August 1, 2012

    Week 9!

    The Summer Crunch

    Cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots – kerrrrrrrunch! That’s the sound of summer. Hefty foods that require molars to enjoy - once you see them in your tote, you know we’ve arrived into the heart of summer. Festiv...

Week 8: July 23rd

  • July 25, 2012

    Week 8!

    It’s Thyme!

    The little bunch of herbs in your tote this week is fresh thyme, the first harvest from our new perennial herb patch. I decided to invest in perennial herbs after a number of Harvest Basket members expressed a des...

Week 7: July 16th

  • July 18, 2012

    Week 7!

    The Big Broccoli Bang

    When it rains it pours, at least in the broccoli patch this year. For the past month we’ve been eeking out enough broccoli and broccolini to put some in your totes each week – but not a lot. To blame was...

Week 6: July 9th

  • July 11, 2012

    Week 6!


    Poor Peas!

    If you are a returning Harvest Basket member, you have surely started to wonder where the sugar snap peas are. Usually you see them in your tote by the first week of July, but I have some sad news to break...

Week 5: July 2nd

  • July 4, 2012

    Week 5!

    Pesto and Jam!

    As of this week, we’ve started to turn the corner on the farm (at last!): the strawberries are coming on strong, and the basil crop has bushed out. That means it’s time for making pesto, freezing strawberries,...

Week 4: June 25th

  • June 27, 2012

    Week 4!


    Raspberry U-pick Opens This Saturday, June 30th!

    The berries are starting to hang heavy and ripe in the raspberry patch, and the first few we’ve sampled have been outrageously tasty!



Week 3: June 18th

  • June 20, 2012

    Week 3!


    The Secret Life of Asparagus

    Asparagus is in your share again this week, for one last time. This week marks the end of our 2012 harvest , which began this year on April 20th.


Week 2: June 11th

  • June 13, 2012


    Meet Your Farmers & the Supporting Cast at Valley Flora!


    This is the core crew at the farm: Zoë, Abby, Bets, and Roberto, with lots of “help” from Pippin (Abby’s 2 year old son) and Cleo (Zoë’s 1 year old daughter)....

Week 1: June 4th

  • June 6, 2012

     The First Week!

    Note: Our first Beet Box is always a little longer than usual, in an effort to get you well-oriented to the farm food you’re getting from us.


    In your share this week:

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